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For more than a century, M.S. Rau has acquired the most iconic, sublime and legendary pieces. The rarest diamonds, the most breathtaking gems and the pinnacles of craftsmanship merge in these stunning creations.


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The best in its category, M.S. Rau offers a singular selection of important jewelry creations that include both designer pieces and sizeable stones from important mines.


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Jewelry wasn’t meant to be worn just on special occasions. Discover a collection of classic and versatile jewels to form the foundation of any jewelry collection.


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Introducing virtual jewelry try on! Discover the newest feature on our website and see how our extraordinary jewels look on you. It’s easy... just use your smartphone camera.

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Yellow Diamonds

Embrace the warmth of the sun with a jewel from our selection of yellow diamonds, featuring a variety of cuts and hues ranging from fancy to fancy vivid yellow.


March Birthstone

Experience the captivating beauty of March's birthstone, aquamarine, with tranquil shades of blue-green and cerulean that evoke the waters of the sea.



Revel in a kaleidoscope of color in this collection of fine opals, from mesmerizing black opals to incredible fire opals and soothing Ethiopian opals.


Dreaming of Spring

Spring comes early in this vibrant collection of colored gemstones. From a rainbow of pastel-hued sapphires to rare emeralds and rubies, these creations can't wait for the flowers to bloom!

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M.S. Rau carries an incredible variety of antique and vintage estate jewelry, high jewelry, fine jewelry and everyday jewelry. Whether you're looking for the finest Victorian-era antique jewelry or vintage jewelry pieces such as antique diamond rings or emerald rings, our curated collection boasts some of the world's most beautiful and sought-after pieces. From quality yellow gold bracelets embedded with brilliantly cut diamonds to unique pearl necklacesantique watches to vintage brooches, we carry one-of-a-kind jewelry you won't find elsewhere. No matter the time period you're looking for, find a timeless family heirloom to enjoy for years and years to come. Explore unique diamond engagement rings inspired by the Art Deco movement or antique earrings influenced by Art Nouveau style.

With much of our selection of antique and vintage jewelry examined by jewelry appraisers with years of experience and accompanied by professional certifications, you can buy with confidence when purchasing our vintage and antique fine jewelry. At M.S. Rau, you can trust that we only carry the highest quality of fine jewelry.

Add a new piece of jewelry to your aspiring and rare antique jewelry collection. Shop our exquisite collection of estate and antique jewelry and feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff if any item catches your attention. Visit us online or in our New Orleans showroom today.