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Impressionist Paintings & Fine Art

Originating in France, Impressionism paved the way to a different approach towards art. In fact, the style was originally viewed in a negative light by many critics, who considered it to be a violation of French artistic traditions.

Unlike other art movements during this time, such as Academic art and Romanticism, Impressionism focused on everyday subjects. Popular scenes of modern life that were most often seen, such as portraits of women in cafes, a bustling train station, or even a natural outdoor landscape.

Most revolutionary, however, was that these artists sought to capture art in a new way - the focus was not on their subject, but the play of light and atmosphere in a scene. Unlike traditional French paintings that focused on high detail and minute brushstrokes, Impressionist painters used short, broken brush work with pure, unmixed colors in order to capture the raw feeling of a scene. 

Browse M.S. Rau's exceptional collection of Impressionist works today, including works of art from Edouard Manet, Childe Hassam, Claude Monet and many more.

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