Burma Ruby and Diamond Necklace

  • GIA-certified Burma rubies make a dazzling statement in this necklace
  • The rubies, which total 138.60 carats, are certified to be of Burmese origin
  • Approximately 35 carats of diamonds join the rubies in their 18K white gold setting
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Item No. 30-7850

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Resplendent Burma rubies totalilng 138.60 carats display their rich red color in this beautiful necklace. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be of Burmese (Myanmar) origin, the rubies are accompanied by approximately 35 carats of white baguette diamonds in their 18K white gold setting.

16" length
Burma Ruby and Diamond Necklace
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Burma
Type: Necklaces
Length: 16
Width: 16.0 Inches
Style: Modern
Burma Ruby and Diamond Necklace
Decisions, Decisions: Considerations When Choosing a Necklace

Antique necklaces are perhaps the most versatile piece of jewelry, both in craftsmanship and use. They can be made of practically any medium and any length to be worn in countless ways. From a simple gold chain with a prized pe...

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