Chilean Huaso Stirrups

  • This extraordinarily rare pair of Chilean spurs, or estribos, are crafted of highly detailed wood
  • Worn by Chilean huasos, these stirrups are a traditional part of huaso attire
  • The pieces are stunning examples of South American artistry and the rich custom of the Chilean rodeo
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Item No. 30-1824

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This striking and rare pair of Chilean wooden stirrups are true gems. Also known as estribos, these stirrups are carved from a solid block of wood. Taking the shape of the toes of boots, the stirrups are adorned with an intricate pattern. Steel stirrup rings inlaid with silver complement the complex motif of these sturdy footholds. Worn by Chilean huasos, or countrymen that are also highly skilled horsemen (similar to North American "cowboys"), these stirrups are a traditional part of huaso attire that can still be seen today. Huasos are primarily found in central and southern Chile, where they continue the rich custom of the Chilean rodeo. 

19th Century

6" wide x 8" length x 7" high  
Chilean Huaso Stirrups
Period: 19th Century
Type: Arms and Armor
Depth: 8.0 Inches
Length: 8
Width: 6.0 Inches
Height: 7.0 Inches

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