Cut Glass Punch Bowl by Sinclaire

  • This exceptional cut glass bowl was crafted by renowned glassmakers Sinclaire and Co.
  • Cut in the rare Brussels pattern, the bowl exhibits extraordinary brilliance
  • The pattern is one of the company's scarcest and most desirable designs
  • Sinclaire and Co. was founded in 1904 and are celebrated for their creative patterns
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Item No. 30-2648

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This remarkable cut glass punch bowl by Sinclaire is cut in the rare Brussels pattern. This absolutely stunning pattern is one of the company's scarcest, and this remarkable bowl stands among Sinclaire's finest works. A field of twinkling hobstars and fans encircles the bowl in a delightfully intricate pattern, covering virtually every surface underneath the beautifully scalloped edge.

H.P. Sinclaire and Co. operated in Corning, New York from 1904 until 1928 and is noted for their outstanding geometric patterns as well as engraved patterns. Prior to opening his own shop, Sinclaire worked for T.J. Hawkes & Co., one of the most prominent and prolific American glass workshops of the late American Brilliant era.

Circa 1910

14 3/4” high x 15 3/8” diameter
This gorgeous American Brilliant Period Cut Glass bowl is cut in the rare Brussels pattern
Maker: Sinclaire & Co.
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Bowls/Plates
Diameter: 15.38 Inches
Depth: 15.38 Inches
Width: 15.38 Inches
Height: 14.75 Inches
Style: American Brilliant Cut Glass

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