Diamond and Quartz Earrings

  • Beautiful diamond and quartz stud earrings
  • Each piece luminescent quartz is topped with an "x" of diamonds and gold
  • Set in 18K yellow gold
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Item No. 31-6438

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These classic and beautiful diamond and quartz stud earrings are the perfect understated and refined accessory for any occasion. Each round earring features stunning quartz overlain with 18K yellow gold and diamond "x" figures totaling 0.36 carat. The brilliant white diamonds interplay beautifully with the warm luminescent quartz.

Set in 18K yellow gold

2/3" diameter
Diamond and Quartz Earrings
Period: Contemporary
Type: Earrings
Style: Modern
Diamond and Quartz Earrings
From Studs to Statement Pieces: All Types of Earrings

Quick History Almost universally, ancient civilizations from Sumeria to Cyprus utilized earrings as a way to promote wealth, class, fashion and status. Frescoes left behind by the Minoan civilization from around 1800 BCE show ...

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