Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Ring, 43.37 Carats

  • The monumental aquamarine at the center of this ring weighs 43.37 carats
  • Its amazing clarity and coveted "Santa Maria" blue color complement its grand size
  • Only the finest aquamarines can achieve such mesmerizing color and clarity at this size
  • The blue gem is joined by 1.21 carats of diamonds in its platinum mounting
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Item No. 31-4044

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With the stunning blue hue of a clear tropical ocean, the incredible 43.37-carat emerald-cut aquamarine at the center of this ring is absolutely captivating. This specimen possesses the deeply saturated Santa Maria blue hue that is found only in the rarest variety of these stones. Named in honor of Santa Maria de Itabira, the mine in Brazil where they were first discovered, aquamarines that possess this "deep sea" color are highly sought after. This gem is joined by 1.21 carats of marquise- and round-cut white diamonds in its platinum setting.

With a name derived from the Latin for "seawater," it's no surprise that the calming color of aquamarine is often compared to a clear blue ocean. Ancient peoples believed anyone who wore the jewel, especially mariners, would be protected from harm, and it was even thought to help maintain marital bliss.
Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Ring, 43.37 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Ring, 43.37 Carats
A Jewel of the Sea: Aquamarine

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