Erotic Snuff Box 

  • This rare burlwood and tortoiseshell snuffbox features an erotic Sapphic scene on its cover
  • The scene is on reverse-painted glass, lending another dimension to this intriguing container
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Item No. 30-1722

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A scintillating Sapphic scene adorns the cover of this rare erotic snuff box. Set into the top of this burlwood and tortoiseshell container, this highly detailed tableau of two women in the throes of ecstasy is actually comprised of a base and reverse-painted glass, which lends a multi-dimensional quality to an already eye-catching composition. 

Circa 1840

3 5/8” diameter x 7/8” high

There was very little erotic art in Europe until the 17th century, when Dutch artists such as Rembrandt created sensuous etchings and paintings. The genre gained great popularity in the 18th century, particularly in France, and artists like Boucher and Fragonard received royal commissions for erotic paintings, such as the famous portrait of Marie-Louise O'Murphy, the young mistress of Louis XV, and Fragonard's lush the Swing

The Complete Book of Erotic Art, 1978, Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen
Erotic Snuff Box 
Period: 19th Century
Type: Snuff/Tobacco Boxes
Diameter: 3.63 Inches
Depth: 3.63 Inches
Width: 3.63 Inches
Height: 0.88 Inches

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