Ethiopian Mezezo Chocolate Opal Specimen

  • This extraordinary opal specimen was found in Mezezo, Ethiopia
  • Known as a Chocolate opal, this incredible gem weighs a stunning 791.61 carats
  • Only first mined in the 1990s, Ethiopian opals are gaining in popularity
  • Only 1% of opals mined display this specimen's magnificent range of colors
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Item No. 30-1843

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This extraordinary Mezezo opal specimen hails from the highlands of Africa and is, quite simply, one of the most amazing opals we have ever seen. Found in the Amhara Province of Ethiopia, this specimen weighs an unbelievable 791.61 carats and is comprised of a smooth exposed surface attached to a rough nodule. The characteristic brown coloring which has earned these jewels the moniker “Chocolate opals” informs the entire piece, and against this warm background, a rainbow of bright, even neon colors explodes, from reds and pinks to green and yellow, as well as rare indigos and purples. 

Once used by early man as tools, Ethiopian opals have only begun to be mined in the 1990s. Usually found in a round nodular form within a 3 meter thick layer of welded volcanic ash, these opals are plentiful, yet only about 1% of these nodules contain any color at all, let along the striking diversity of color that this piece exhibits. These amazing gems are so new to the market, yet they are gaining in popularity at an exponential rate. To find one of such large size and exquisite beauty is a rare treasure.
This rare Ethiopian opal specimen displays an extraordinary array of colors
Type: Loose Stones

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