French Nécessaire de Voyage

  • This exceptional and rare French nécessaire de voyage is one of the finest ever created
  • It is almost certainly the work of Pierre-Dominique Maire and silversmith Jacques-Brice Beaufort
  • The impressive set was commissioned especially for the noble de Montboissier family
  • Lined with Moroccan leather, it contains an impressive array of personal accouterments
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Item No. 30-5757

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This exceptional and rare French nécessaire de voyage is almost certainly the work of the highly respected Parisian manufacturer Pierre-Dominique Maire and the silversmith Jacques-Brice Beaufort. Extraordinary in both size and craftsmanship, it is truly one of the finest dressing and dining sets ever created. Commissioned especially for the noble de Montboissier family, this set exhibits an exquisitely executed Empire design that incorporates the de Montboissier crest throughout. The interior is lined with Moroccan leather and contains an impressive array of personal accouterments, all perfectly fitted in their own compartments in a sumptuous presentation.

Extremely sophisticated, the case contains over 50 pieces ingeniously intertwined in its hollow case. Comprised of four levels, it includes all that one would need for his daily routine, including a tea and coffee services and all of the essential dining utensils. Beneath a tray of silver forks and spoons, one finds an array of items, from brushes and scissors to a razor and candlestick holder. The vanity mirror, neatly tucked in the interior of the lid, can be removed to stand independently. The case also houses a side drawer that unlocks to reveal a portable leather writing desk with its original two crystal inkwells – the perfect place to store one’s most important correspondence.

Travel became a key pastime for the affluent beginning in the 18th century. Young gentlemen and women of high social standing often traveled throughout the Continent on an extended, educational tour known as their Grand Tour. These lengthy journeys required a convenient means of transporting the personal belongings, or necessities, of daily life. Often constructed of luxurious materials such as silver, gold, mother of pearl, crystal, fine woods and leathers, these necessaries de voyage became highly personalized symbols of wealth and taste, carrying everything from toiletries and jewelry to sewing and writing instruments. The Emperor Napoléon himself possessed several of these travel sets. The present nécessaire represents a marvel of cabinetmaking that clearly reveals the luxury of the age.

6 1/2" high x 17" wide x 11 3/4" deep

Circa 1815
French Nécessaire de Voyage
Period: 19th Century
Origin: France
Type: Compacts/Nécessaires
Depth: 11.75 Inches
Width: 17.0 Inches
Height: 6.5 Inches
Style: Empire

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