Japanese Shunga, Sitting Woman

  • This depiction of a sensual woman is a fine specimen of Japanese shunga
  • Shunga is a centuries-old form of erotic art
  • This work showcases beautiful composition and vivid color
  • These incredible artworks are incredibly rare and highly desired amongst erotic art collectors
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Item No. 30-8810

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A beautiful example of the Japanese art form known as shunga, this sensual work depicts woman exploring her sexuality. Hand-painted on paper with splashes of vivid gouache color, the artistry displayed in this work of art is stunning. Translated, the term shunga means "a picture of spring", with the season often used as a euphemism for sex. These works are categorized as a type of ukiyo-e, which was a painted or woodblock print art form that was marketed to the middle-class and represented an idealized version of urban life.

It is believed that shunga were enjoyed by both men and women, and in some instances, were even regarded as talismans. For instance, a samurai carrying shunga would be protected against death, and shunga in the home or business would protect it against fire and the like. Mostly, shunga were enjoyed simply for their erotic nature, with subjects often shown with unrealistic body proportions and imaginative poses to draw attention to the acts being depicted. 

Taisho Period, Circa 1922

Paper: 9 5/8” high x 13 1/2” wideFrame: 19 1/4” high x 23 1/4” wide
Japanese Shunga, Sitting Woman
Period: 1919-Present
Origin: Japan
Type: Drawings
Depth: 1.13
Width: 23.25
Height: 19.25
Canvas Width: 13.5
Canvas Height: 9.625

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