John Henry Belter Rosewood Armoire

  • This magnificent armoire is a masterpiece of design by the legendary John Henry Belter
  • The Rococo Revival piece incorporates Belter's signature laminated rosewood and intricate carving
  • Armoires by Belter are exceptionally rare, with only a few known to exist today
  • His furniture remains highly sought after for its incomparable quality and craftsmanship
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Item No. 28-1488

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One of the rarest furniture forms created by John Henry Belter, this armoire is a testament to this legendary cabinet maker's talent. Recognized as a pioneer in design and craftsmanship, Belter is widely considered the finest furniture maker of the Rococo Revival period. His mastery over his craft is on full display in this monumental piece. Its massive form and serpentine lines, along with a profusion of lavishly carved details, place it among the masterpieces of the Rococo Revival style.

The opportunity to acquire a Belter armoire of this caliber is extremely rare, as only a handful are known to exist. In terms of technical craftsmanship, it features all the hallmarks of Belter's distinctive style. The seamless serpentine silhouette at its apex is shaped from the most delicate laminated wood, a technique that Belter himself pioneered and perfected. Exquisitely carved at the crest, drawers, and corners, this rare armoire is a stunning example of the ideals set forth by this acclaimed designer.

While few craftsmen in history leave such an indelible mark on their craft, even fewer are so dedicated to quality and perfection that they never made a profit from their art. Thomas Chippendale was one such artisan, as was Louis Comfort Tiffany a century later. Belter is also among these legendary greats, whose dedication to perfection resulted in some of the most stunning works of art the world has seen. While his factory closed its doors soon after his death, his furniture remains highly sought after for its incomparable quality and craftsmanship.

After being formally trained in Württemberg, Germany, Belter helped introduce the Rococo Revival style to America in 1833 and irrevocably reshaped the craft by developing new ways to strengthen laminated wood. Belter’s ingenious technique involved layering strips of wood with the grain running in different directions, thus increasing the wood’s strength to support the intricate, curved designs popular during the Victorian period. Though he worked in America for just under 30 years, he almost single-handedly bridged the gap between the craftsmanship of the 18th century and the profound new technologies of the 19th century.

Circa 1860

108" high x 56 1/2" wide x 21 1/4" deep
John Henry Belter Rosewood Armoire
Maker: Belter, John Henry
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Armoires/Linen Presses
Depth: 21.25 Inches
Width: 56.5 Inches
Height: 108.0 Inches
Style: Rococo

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