Louis XV Giltwood Mirrored Girandoles

  • These exceptionally rare Louis XV-period mirrored girandoles are exquisitely ornamented in giltwood
  • Each mirror features four giltwood candleholders in organic motifs exemplary of the Rococo era
  • Opulent flourishes of flora and foliage frame each of the mirrors dramatically in the Louis XV style
  • Such a stunning pair of mirrored girandoles would provide elegant ambient light in rooms of the era
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Item No. 30-9849

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This incredibly rare pair of Louis XV-period giltwood mirrored girandoles capture the grandeur, grace and opulence of the Rococo movement in the decorative arts. Each opulent mirror is exquisitely framed with voluminous flourishes of naturalistic motifs exemplary of the Louis XV era’s organic, deliberately asymmetrical stylings. Holding four candles each, these outstanding mirrored girandoles would have decoratively flanked a room of the period elegantly, illuminating the giltwood lustrously and providing ambient light reflected in the mirrored glass.

Mirrors have long played an integral role in decorative design, often serving as focal points of a room. Dating back to the 13th century, the first French looking glasses were very small, yet enormously precious. Because these early mirrors were so valuable, their frames were often of the highest quality and workmanship. Although mirrored glass became more readily available over time, the frame’s importance never waned, and ownership of ornate examples served as a bellwether of wealth. Today, antique mirrors remain highly coveted, and the present examples are particularly rare as few mirrored girandoles dating to the 18th century survive.

28" wide x 13" deep x 53" high
Louis XV Giltwood Mirrored Girandoles
Period: 18th Century
Origin: France
Type: Girandoles
Depth: 13.0 Inches
Width: 28.0 Inches
Height: 53.0 Inches
Style: Louis XV

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