Marilyn Monroe Photograph in Black Sweater by Lawrence Schiller, 22/75

  • Photographer Lawrence Schiller captures the iconic Marilyn Monroe in this intimate photo
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Marilyn Monroe’s status as an enduring figure of glamour made her one of the most famous figures in American history. Of all the images shot of the incomparable movie star, the most iconic were those taken by famed photographer, director and author, Lawrence Schiller. This exclusive, limited edition photograph of the iconic starlet displays Schiller's talent. 

Printed from film that was lost for decades, Schiller made only 75 editions of these breathtaking photographs, and none will ever be created again. Taken during a photoshoot behind the scenes of Let's Make Love in 1960, this image pays homage to the vibrant, unforgettable woman that was Marilyn Monroe through the lens of a virtuoso. The silver gelatin print measures 20 x 24 inches and is numbered and signed by Schiller. This brilliant limited edition photograph captures the eternal spirit of a true icon.

“Marilyn was a photographer’s dream subject with her clothes on, and even more stunning with them off. Her wet skin glistened. Her eyes sparkled. Her smile was provocative...As I shot, I was sure that the pictures I was taking were going to be beautiful and unforgettable. The flow of her spine complemented her natural curves as the water reflected the lights, and the whole scene came alive.”
–Lawrence Schiller, “A Splash of Marilyn,” Vanity Fair, June 2012

Numbered 22/75

Photograph: 24" high x 20" wide
Frame: 30" high x 26" wide
Marilyn Monroe Photograph in Black Sweater by Lawrence Schiller, 22/75
Maker: Schiller, Lawrence
Period: 1919-Present
Origin: America
Type: Photography
Depth: 2.0 Inches
Width: 26.0 Inches
Height: 30.0 Inches
Canvas Width: 20 Inches
Canvas Height: 24 Inches

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