Monumental Three-Train Bracket Clock by J.C. Jennens & Sons

  • This extraordinary, monumental English bracket clock was created by J.C. Jennens & Sons
  • Measuring over 7 1/2 feet tall on its base, the clock displays expert craftsmanship
  • The eight-day timepiece has a triple fusee movement with both ten bells and five gongs
  • Larger than the largest bracket clock the revered Derek Roberts ever saw, the clock is one-of-a-kind
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Item No. 31-5945

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This intricately detailed 19th-century bracket clock from famed English firm J.C. Jennens & Sons is monumental in size, likely made for one of the great world exhibitions or perhaps to put in the firm's own store window. The eight-day timepiece has a triple fusee movement with both ten bells and five gongs, and the internal movement weighs an incredible 80 pounds — nearly ten times larger than an average bracket clock. Uniquely, this timepiece is not a pendulum clock and instead utilizes a balance wheel escapement, which is extremely rare for a clock of this size. Every detail of the movement, including the beautifully hand-engraved backplate, demonstrates painstaking attention to detail.

The exterior of the clock adds further visual interest. The lustrous ebonized body is accented by elegant gilt bronze, forming scrolling acanthus leaves, five crowned finials and mask motifs. The clock’s face is intricately detailed with a total of six dials to indicate the time, date, day of the week and month of the year, as well as dials for multiple chime settings. Each bronze dial is encircled and crowned by foliate motifs and cherub faces. Every aspect of this clock displays expert craftsmanship, making this timepiece a visual delight.

Not much is known about John Creed Jennens, the patriarch of the great clockmakers J.C. Jennens & Sons, who founded his company in Birmingham in 1845 before moving to London in 1863. His clocks, however, have left indelible marks on horological history. Derek Roberts, the preeminent English authority on clocks, remarked in his book that a similar bracket clock was the largest example he had ever seen. Our 59-inch tall clock, not including the base, is an incredible three times larger in total square inches than the largest clock that Derek Roberts had ever seen.

Circa 1880

Clock: 56 3/4“ high x 38 1/4” wide x 20 1/4“ deepBase: 35 1/4" high x 39 1/4" wide x 22 1/4" deep
Monumental Three-Train Bracket Clock by J.C. Jennens & Sons
Period: 19th Century
Origin: England
Type: Novelty
Depth: 20.25 Inches
Width: 38.25 Inches
Height: 56.75 Inches
Monumental Three-Train Bracket Clock by J.C. Jennens & Sons
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