Mozambique Ruby Earrings, 6.02 Carats

  • The Mozambique rubies that comprise the focal points of these earrings display remarkable color
  • Known as the desirable "pigeon blood" red, these gemstones are certified by Gemresearch Swisslabs
  • Set in 18K gold with 3.10 carats of diamond accents
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Item No. 31-5286

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Two rubies totaling 6.02 carats are the stars of these showstopper earrings. The oval gemstones display a highly desirable vivid red hue, a color commonly referred to as pigeon's blood red for its vibrancy, saturation and lack of fluorescence. The stone is certified by Gemresearch Swisslab as being Mozambique in origin and a "GRS-type pigeon blood ruby." Diamonds totaling 3.10 carats join the ruby in its classic 18K white gold setting.

1 1/2" length

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Mozambique Ruby Earrings, 6.02 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Earrings
Style: Modern
Mozambique Ruby Earrings, 6.02 Carats
Four Unusual Facts about Rubies

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