Panther and Hare Bronze Sculpture

  • A roaring panther has caught its prey in this 17th-century bronze sculpture
  • Likely created in southern Germany, it is rife with anatomical and narrative details
  • It presents a poignant allegory of life and death in bronze
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Item No. 31-4091

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This 17th-century bronze sculpture, likely hailing from southern Germany, depicts a scene of life-and-death struggle in nature — a hapless hare caught in the claws of a mighty panther. The artist who modeled this richly patined bronze was clearly a keen observer of nature, and they present their subject with a high level of anatomical and narrative detail. The panther, in a recumbent pose with mouth wide, pins the ill-fated hare between his front paws, presenting not only a figural study of the creatures, but also a poignant allegory of life and death in bronze. Bronzes dating before the 18th century such as this are highly coveted by both museums and private collectors alike. The bronze is set upon a custom wooden plinth.

17th century

6 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" deep x 4" high
Panther and Hare Bronze Sculpture
Period: Pre-18th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Sculpture
Depth: 3.5 Inches
Width: 6.25 Inches
Height: 4.0 Inches

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