Pièce à Oiseau Chantant Music Box

  • This extraordinary Swiss cylinder music box is a marvel of musical and mechanical artistry
  • Playing six airs, the music box is accompanied by a diminutive mechanical bird
  • The bird's beak, wings, tail, head and body all move as he performs along to the music
  • Known as a Pièce à Oiseau, these singing bird cylinder music boxes are exceptionally rare
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Item No. 30-7471

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Mechanical ingenuity and artistry combine in this extremely rare Swiss singing bird cylinder music box. Only a small number of Pièce à Oiseau music boxes were ever made, and the present piece is a superb example of the art. Not only does it play a selection of six classical airs with exceptional tone and clarity, but its sound is accompanied by an enchanting animated, singing bird automaton. The miniature chanteur d'oiseaux is a marvel in and of itself, moving along to the rhythms of the music and opening its beak to sing along. Ingeniously, a grouping of levers between the combs controls his movements, while a set of pipes produce his charming song.

Set within a beautifully crafted inlaid burr walnut case, the music box plays the six airs listed on the inside lid. Along the edge, a repeat/change switch and start/stop switch allow the user to easily control and manipulate their listening experience. As a whole, this music box is both a visual wonder and an extraordinary example of Swiss ingenuity.

Circa 1870

13" high x 26 1/2" wide x 15 1/2" deep
Pièce à Oiseau Chantant Music Box
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Type: Cylinder Music Boxes
Depth: 15.5 Inches
Width: 26.5 Inches
Height: 13.0 Inches

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