Polyphon Autochange Disk Music Box

  • This rare Polyphon autochange disk player allows for the selection of six disks at a time
  • Selections made via a handle on the front of the machine corresponds to a disk slot
  • Once the selection is made, insert a penny into the slot to play the song
  • Very few of these innovative music players were ever made, making this example desirable
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Item No. 30-2318

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As exceptionally scarce as it is fascinating, this autochange disk player by the Polyphon Musikwerke in Leipzig, Germany can change between six disks and play with the incredibly rare addition of bells that accompany the music. Before a coin is dropped into the slot, slide the brass indicator until it points to the desired music selection, insert a penny, and the chosen song will play automatically. An extremely limited number of these automatic disk changers were ever created, and even fewer have survived in such outstanding condition.

Standing over seven feet tall, this particular model boasts a magnificent walnut case with handsome burl panels on its original, matching storage cabinet. A true technical marvel for its day, Polyphon’s automatic disk changer symbolizes pure ingenuity and superlative craftsmanship. This antique player is accompanied by 12– 22-inch disks, which can still be purchased in any musical genre.

Similar Polyphon autochange disk players are pictured in both the First and Second editions of The Music Box Handbook, by Graham Webb. 

Circa 1890

35" wide x 21 3/4" deep x 85" high

Did You Know?
The first versions of automatic musical instruments became popular in the 18th century, with incredible disk players such as this being the zenith of the genre. These marvels went by the wayside with the invention of the gramophone, making these works of musical art rare and highly desired.
This rare Polyphon autochange music box allows the user to select from six disks at a time
Maker: Polyphon Musikwerke
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Disc Players
Depth: 21.75 Inches
Width: 35.0 Inches
Height: 85.0 Inches

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