Porphyry and Gilt Bronze Campana Vases

  • This stately pair of campana vases are crafted from striking Blyberg porphyry
  • The word porphyry derives from the ancient Greek word for purple, the color of royalty
  • Blyberg porphyry is sought after for its impressive purple hue and star-like white streaks
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These impressive Blyberg porphyry vases demonstrate the strength and beauty that has made porphyry a prized material since antiquity. Porphyry is renowned not just for its regal red or purple hue, but also its incredible hardness, making the perfectly tapered campana form of these matching vases all the more extraordinary. The rich dark hue of the stone is contrasted by the brilliance of chased gilt bronze mounts spectacularly designed to represent flames.

The first discovery of porphyry in Sweden occurred in the Älvdalen region in the 1730s, and over the centuries it has gained a coveted reputation for its appearance and quality. Swedish porphyry has been used in objets d'art for royalty, including King George IV and Queen Victoria. Of all varieties of porphyry quarried in the Älvdalen region, Blyberg is the rarest and most sought after for its impressive purple hue and stunning white streaks redolent of stars in an evening sky, which are prominently displayed throughout this stately pair.

Late 18th century

10" diameter x 18 1/2" high
Porphyry and Gilt Bronze Campana Vases
Period: 18th Century
Type: Vases/Vessels
Depth: 10.0 Inches
Width: 10.0 Inches
Height: 13.5 Inches
Style: Neoclassical
Porphyry and Gilt Bronze Campana Vases
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