Purplish-Pink Sapphire Ring, 26.02 Carats

  • An incredibly beautiful, untreated purplish-pink sapphire weighing 26.02 carats commands attention
  • Displaying a rare marquise cut, it evokes the shape of an eye
  • The sapphire is surrounded by 9.40 carats of diamonds and an additional 2.00 carats of sapphires
  • Set in 18K white gold
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A monumental marquise sapphire takes center stage in this dramatic ring. Exhibiting a rare purplish-pink hue, this 26.02-carat jewel is certified by Gübelin as possessing no indications of heat treatment, meaning its distinct lavender hue is completely natural. Pink is one of the rarest and most desired colors for sapphires, and to find an untreated specimen that displays such a rich saturation and even distribution of the color is truly exceptional. The gem's shape, and the approximately 9.40 carats of white diamonds that surround it, evoke the image of an eye in this bold and exquisite stone-led design. Set in 18K white gold with approximately 2.00 additional carats of pink sapphires.

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Purplish-Pink Sapphire Ring, 26.02 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Purplish-Pink Sapphire Ring, 26.02 Carats
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