Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Stonemason's Mallet

  • This carved wooden mallet commemorates the 1840 marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
  • Its surface is covered in intricate carvings and the base with a portrait of the royal couple
  • Known as a stonemason's mallet, or setting maul, the object has its origins in stonemasonry
  • An example as fine as this would have been for ceremonial use in a masonic lodge
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This exceptional and one-of-a-kind wooden mallet commemorates the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, which occurred on February 10, 1840. Exquisitely carved into its base are portrait busts of the young royals in their wedding garb, surrounded by their names and framed by an intricate network of guilloche decoration. Around the perimeter of its base, the decorative carving continues, culminating in a finely curved and polished handle. This object is an elegant and unique tribute to two of England's most iconic and revered rulers.

 The object itself is known as a stonemason's mallet, or setting maul, and is traditionally used in the final stages of masonry to tap a setting stone firmly into mortar. This setting maul, however, is far too decorative to have been created for that purpose. A mallet as exceptional in quality and craftsmanship as this one would have instead been used for a special ceremonial purpose. These mallets are important symbolic objects in Freemasonry (of which Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward, and later her son, Prince Albert Edward, were long-time supporters) meaning this mallet would almost certainly have been a prized possession of a masonic lodge in England.

Signed by watchmaker J. Lowe of Darwen, the piece was almost certainly commissioned by a local masonic lodge at the time of the royal wedding. This mallet has been lathe-turned to form the delicate carving that envelops it and would have required an artisan with incredible skill. The end result is a stunningly rare object befitting its important ceremonial use and a remembrance of the wedding of the century.

Signed "J. Lowe/Watchmaker/Darwen"

Circa 1840

4 3/4" diameter x 8 5/8" high
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Stonemason's Mallet
Period: 19th Century
Origin: England
Type: Other
Depth: 4.75 Inches
Width: 4.75 Inches
Height: 8.63 Inches

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