Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant, 86.19 Carats

  • The 86.19-carat rubellite tourmaline that centers this pendant displays a rich crimson hue
  • The cushion-cut jewel displays the intense red color so prized in these rare stones
  • Set in 18K white gold with diamond accents
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Item No. 31-5504

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A rare rubellite tourmaline with a richly saturated crimson hue is at the center of this eye-catching pendant. Weighing a stunning 86.19 carats, the cushion-cut gemstone is encircled by a spiraling halo of diamonds totaling 0.80 carat. Set in 18k white gold.

One of the most desirable of all tourmalines, the rubellite is cherished for its vibrant and rich red color. Deriving its name from the ruby, this enchanting stone displays an intense, deep red coloration that shimmers under any lighting condition. To find gem-grade rubellites of this superior quality is extraordinary.

1 5/8" high x 1 3/8" wide
Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant, 86.19 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Pendants
Width: 1.38 Inches
Height: 1.63 Inches
Style: Modern
Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant, 86.19 Carats
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