Sugarloaf-cut Tanzanite Ring, 22.10 Carats

  • A striking 22.10-carat tanzanite is the star of this stunning ring
  • This rare gem displays the deep violetish-blue hue for which these gems are treasured
  • The unique sugarloaf-cut gem is accented by 2.51 carats of white diamonds
  • Set in platinum
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Item No. 30-4291

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This vibrant and rare sugarloaf-cut tanzanite reflects the perfect violetish-blue hue for which the best of these gems are so coveted. Weighing a striking 22.10 carats, the rarity of this gem is compounded by its beautiful and unique cut. Rather than being faceted, this stone is fashioned into a cabochon cut, meaning it is shaped and polished into a smooth, convex shape with a flat base. Often considered a rarer or more refined variation of the cabochon cut, the sugarloaf cut is distinguished by its conical shape coming together in a rounded point at the top, almost like a pyramid or a mountain.This unique cut certainly matches the remarkable beauty of the blue gem.

The tanzanite is found in only one location worldwide, the East African state of Tanzania, and remains one of the most sought-after stones on the market. Discovered in 1962 in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, this new gem drew the attention of Tiffany & Co., which gave it the name “tanzanite.” It has maintained a steady popularity ever since.

This exquisite tanzanite ring is completed by 2.51 carats of white diamonds, emphasizing the center stone's deep blue hue. Set in platinum.
Sugarloaf-cut Tanzanite Ring, 22.10 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Sugarloaf-cut Tanzanite Ring, 22.10 Carats
Gemstone of a Generation: History of Tanzanite

The remote and barren region of Tanzania in East Africa might not seem like much at first. However, there rests a spirit in this place, possibly familiar to those who have read Ernest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro, that ...

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