Swiss Gold and Enamel Musical Vinaigrette

  • This rare early 19th-century Swiss gold vinaigrette contains a musical movement
  • The front button controls the music, and the mechanism is wound by a key in the base
  • The exterior is covered in wonderfully detailed engraving
  • Blue and white champlevé enamel elevate the elegance of this objet d'art
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Item No. 30-9264

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A musical movement distinguishes this wonderful early 19th-century gold vinaigrette box. The vessel is covered in delicate engraving highlighted by blue and white champlevé enamel detailed in a fine floral motif. The button on the front of the box controls the music, and the accompanying original key winds the mechanism. Gentlemen and ladies utilized the vinaigrette to avoid the pungent smells that were commonplace in the streets of 19th-century cities. The vinaigrette contained a wad of cotton or cloth material, soaked in perfume, vinegar or smelling salts, held in place by a pierced lid that allowed the carrier to inhale the aromatic substance instead of the “less pleasant” odors one could encounter throughout the day. 

Circa 1820

1 1/4" wide x 7/8" deep x 3/8" high
Swiss Gold and Enamel Musical Vinaigrette
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Type: Decorative Boxes
Depth: 0.88 Inches
Width: 1.25 Inches
Height: 0.38 Inches

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