Swiss Multicolored Gold Snuff Box

  • This rare multicolored gold Swiss snuff box would have once held a gentleman's tobacco
  • It is chased and engraved with elaborate swirls of ornate foliage and musical instruments
  • The taking of snuff was a highly regarded social ritual among the European elite
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Item No. 31-1569

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This exceptional multicolored gold snuffbox is a work of impeccable Swiss artistry. Flawless hand-chased and engraved gold elements adorn this rare 19th-century box, and dynamic floral swags and musical instruments accompany the finely etched diamond pattern motif. The majority of these boxes were fashioned for the functional purpose of holding snuff, or powdered tobacco. Such a box would have been a prized possession and would have been able to fit neatly into a gentleman’s waistcoat pocket.

Circa 1810
Features later French guarantee marks and import marks for gold

3 1/4" wide x 1 6/8" deep x 3/4" high
Swiss Multicolored Gold Snuff Box
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Type: Snuff/Tobacco Boxes
Depth: 1.63 Inches
Width: 3.25 Inches
Height: 0.75 Inches

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