Tahitian Pearl Necklace

  • This elegant necklace is comprised of 39 rare Tahitian pearls
  • The large pearls boast a lustrous silver hue and measure 10-12mm
  • The necklace is secured by a white gold clasp
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Item No. 31-0874

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Displaying an attractive silvery hue and measuring an impressive 10-12mm, the 39 well-matched Tahitian pearls in this necklace exude classic elegance. Pearls such as these that hail from the warm waters of the South Pacific are highly prized for their color and eye-catching luster. Farmed from the Pinctada margaritifera, or black-lipped oyster, these pearls possess the darkest, most vibrant coloring of any other pearl. The oyster itself is among the largest known, resulting in monumental pearls that boast a bold, unrivaled beauty.

A white gold clasp completes this strand.

17" length
Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Tahiti
Type: Necklaces
Style: Modern
Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Gems from the South Pacific - Tahitian Pearls

Pearls have been a highly sought after gem for the jewels of royalty and the extremely wealthy for thousands of years. Mosaics from as early as 500 C.E. picture kings and queens with crowns and robes adorned with hundreds of wh...

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