Tiffany & Co. Untreated Yogo Sapphire Bracelet, 4.68 Carats

  • Four untreated Yogo sapphires star in this Tiffany & Co. Art Deco bracelet
  • The 4.68 carats of beautiful blue jewels are AGL and GIA certified to be untreated
  • Approximately 4.75 carats of white diamonds join these sapphires
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Item No. 31-6105

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Four remarkable Yogo sapphires are the stars of this amazing Art Deco bracelet by Tiffany & Co. The jewels, which weigh a combined 4.68 carats, are certified by the AGL and GIA to be untreated, making them some of the finest sapphires available on the market. Joining these brilliant blue jewels in this platinum bracelet are approximately 4.75 carats of white diamonds.

Mined only from Yogo Gulch in Montana, Yogo sapphires display a vivid, uniform cornflower blue hue that is unique to sapphires from this region. Upon their discovery in the 1880s, famed Tiffany & Co. gemologist George Kunz described these sapphires as “the finest precious gemstones ever found in America.” Unlike most other sapphires, the Yogo sapphire's distinct color is weakened by heat treatments, meaning virtually all examples are left untreated and natural.

Signed "Tiffany"

6 7/8" length

Download the AGL Certification
Download the GIA Certification
Tiffany & Co. Untreated Yogo Sapphire Bracelet, 4.68 Carats
Maker: Tiffany & Co.
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Bracelets
Length: 6.88
Style: Art Deco
Tiffany & Co. Untreated Yogo Sapphire Bracelet, 4.68 Carats
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