Two Borzois by Otto Eerelman

  • This monumental painting is by the celebrated Dutch artist, Otto Eerelman
  • Two Borzois, or Russian Wolfhounds, command the canvas, surrounded by a lush interior
  • Eerelman was one of 19th-century Europe's most popular and important animal portraitists
  • Eerelman’s paintings have long been coveted on the market for their inherent charm
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Otto Eerelman
1839-1926 | Dutch

Two Borzois

Oil on canvas
Signed “Otto. Eerelman” (lower left)

This monumental painting is by the celebrated Dutch artist Otto Eerelman, one of 19th-century Europe's most popular and important animal portraitists, and this particular work is a triumph of the genre. Painted circa 1880, it features two of Eerelman's favored subjects – large-breed dogs and a meticulously executed Dutch interior. Impeccably painted and almost certainly commissioned by a member of the Dutch nobility, the work possesses the precise detailing and depth of character that are the quintessential components of Eerelman’s output.

In this powerful composition, two majestic Borzois, or Russian Wolfhounds, await their next hunt in a lavishly decorated room, displaying their luxurious coats and regal demeanors. Eerelman mastered the art of depicting not only the dogs’ physical characteristics but also their unique expressions and personalities. His wealthy clientele would bring their pets to his home in The Hague where they would live for a period of time while having their portraits done, allowing for a remarkably true-to-life portrayal. The narrative is simple and stoic, embodying the elegance and grace of the breed as well as the importance of his clientele.

Hailing from Groningen, Netherlands, Eerelman was dubbed the “Northern Rembrandt” during his lifetime. He received his artistic training at the Academy Minerva in Groningen, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and then private lessons in the studio of the great Lawrence Alma Tadema. He successfully captured the attention of the Dutch court, particularly Princess Wilhelmina, with his meticulous approach to endearing subjects. His artistic contributions were so great and his work so valued in the Netherlands that he was knighted at the age of 80. Eerelman’s paintings have long been coveted on the market for their inherent charm. Other examples of his dog portraits can be found in the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), and in 2015, a major retrospective of his work was held at the Museum Nienoord in Leek, Netherlands. 

Circa 1880

Canvas: 52 1/2" high x 68 1/4" wide
Frame: 69 3/4" high x 85 5/8" wide
Two Borzois by Otto Eerelman
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Netherlands
Type: Paintings
Depth: 7.13 Inches
Width: 85.63 Inches
Height: 69.75 Inches
Style: Academic
Canvas Width: 68.25 Inches
Canvas Height: 52.5 Inches
Two Borzois by Otto Eerelman
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