Woven Brothel Cane

  • This unusual woven cane was designed to inflict both pain and pleasure
  • The unique woven design matches classic bullwhips and were common fixtures in brothels
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Item No. 31-0623

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Designed to inflict both pain and pleasure, this bordello whip cane features the same woven design that is used in classic bullwhips.

Boasting an intriguing provenance, this cane hails from the private collection of former American ambassador to the Seychelles, journalist and media executive Dick Carlson. An avid collector of canes since his bid for Mayor of San Diego, California in 1984, Carlson’s collection in his home, office and summer home in Maine is estimated to total some 3,000 canes and walking sticks. Carlson has an affection for canes for their often unique artistry, but also for their innate usefulness — “because they’ve been used by someone for something.”

35 1/2" length 
Woven Brothel Cane
Type: Erotic
Depth: 1.0 Inches
Width: 1.0 Inches
Height: 35.5 Inches
Woven Brothel Cane
Collecting Antique Walking Sticks and Canes

In centuries past, well-heeled gentlemen, and ladies too, were seldom seen without a walking stick in hand. Unlike today, canes of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, often boasting handles of precious metals and jewels, serve...

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