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Looking Into the Future: Opals

Opals have a very long and complicated history with many myths attached to the magnificent stone. In particular, a bad luck myth is believed to be the fault of one man, Sir Walter Scott and his bestselling novel, Anne of Geuerstein, written in 1829. In the story, Lady Hermione dies shortly after a drop of holy water accidentally falls on her opal and destroys its color, fire, and sparkle. Because of this, opals gained a wide reputation for bad luck. Thankfully, over a hundred years ago, an amazing black opal was found in South Wales, Australia and the opal market was finally revived.







At M.S. Rau Antiques, we own some of the most magnificent opals, including this extraordinary Mezezo opal specimen hails from the highlands of Africa and is, quite simply, one of the most amazing opals we have ever seen. Found in the Amhara Province of Ethiopia, this specimen weighs an unbelievable 791.6 carats and is comprised of a smooth exposed surface attached to a rough nodule. The characteristic brown coloring which has earned these jewels the moniker “Chocolate opals” informs the entire piece, and against this warm background, a rainbow of bright, even neon colors explodes, from reds and pinks to green and yellow, as well as rare indigos and purples. This amazing gem is like looking into the future of opal collecting and represents a new desire in the market, With all the potential colors and patterns, no two opals are ever alike. They are like small paintings with varying patterns and colors. It is time to embrace the beauty and uniqueness of this gemstone.



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