M.S Rau’s team of researchers and authors brings with them a diversity of backgrounds and experience in the fine and decorative arts, as well as advanced certifications in the jewelry field. Their expertise spans over 500 years of art history, from masterpieces of the Renaissance to the iconic works of the Impressionists. They have written numerous articles and curated special exhibitions on a host of topics ranging from ancient artifacts to WWII memorabilia, from important silversmiths to splendid porcelain and all manner of rarities in between.

Emily Otranto

Researcher and Writer

Emily’s life-long love for history, literature and art lead her to pursue two bachelor’s degrees in History and Secondary Education, and a Masters in American Studies. Emily has an interest in America as a philosophical extension of Enlightenment thought, and uses an interdisciplinary approach in all her research. After falling in love with the city of New Orleans, she joyfully applies her eight years of experience as an educator, historian and writer as a contributing writer on the M.S. Rau team.

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Reagan Garvin

Sales Operations Supervisor

Reagan Garvin finds her inspiration for fine art and objects in matching passionate collectors with wonderful treasures. She has worked with collections focused on Japanese art and ceramics and Southern American folk art and has also collaborated with contemporary artists. She has worked in the field for more than three years and has a degree from Tulane University and an Applied Jewelry Professional certification (GIA).

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