The Natural Beauty of Emeralds


9.28 Carat "No-Oil" Emerald Ring

9.28 Carat "No-Oil" Emerald Ring


We just got back from the Aspen Antiques show, which was a huge success. Our staff really enjoyed much cooler weather than we have in New Orleans in July.  On a morning walk, I ran into a bear!


I love the city of Aspen, and the beautiful green of the mountains reminds me of M.S. Rau's wonderful collection of emeralds. Emeralds are the most difficult stone to get right, so when we acquire a spectacular example, I get really excited. Most --nearly 99% of emeralds -- are oiled to enhance the color and to hide the inclusions. When you are able to obtain an emerald that is untreated it is extremely rare.


This 9.28-carat emerald is full of life, un-oiled and very clean. When emeralds are cut they usually have 30% of the weight at the bottom which makes the color better.  However, when you have superb saturation of color you do not need this extra depth.  As a result our emerald looks more like a 4-carat emerald than a 9.28-carat emerald.


This verdant stone would bring life to any wearer. Click here to learn more about M.S. Rau's oustanding collection of emerald jewelry.


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