5 Bespoke Cigarette Cases - And What To Do With Them Now

Though fashion trends and cultural customs come and go, there has always been a timeless and classic air to an antique cigarette case. Well into the 20th century, elite collectors of fine objet d’art had bespoke smoking accessories crafted by their jewelers, representing a classy and opulent way to consume tobacco at the height of the industry. Curious to learn more about cigarette case history and its influence in smoking culture? Let's dive in.



Iconic Figures Who Owned Smoking Accessories


Smoking accessories were in vogue in popular films and with the most glamorous celebrities of the day, from Hollywood’s Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, to writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, to Princess Margaret known for her tortoiseshell cigarette holder, and Ronald Reagan, who appeared in an advertisement for Chesterfield cigarettes in the 1950s. One’s cigarette smoking accessories were a testament to the habit being synonymous with sophistication and class.

A Fashionable Way to Smoke

Undoubtedly spurred on by the boom of colorful advertising illustrations that often touted the healthful benefits of one brand over another, cigarette smoking culture was very popular and persisted as a fashionable global habit for decades. Though we now know smoking can be extremely harmful, these lovely relics of an earlier time have been carefully kept throughout the years, and make excellent, one-of-a-kind objects for collecting.


Cigar and regular cigarette lovers could find classy smoking accessories to complement their fashion styles and personalities. Whether these custom cases were made of genuine leather or quality precious metal, one thing is for certain: these accessories exuded fine elegance and sophistication for all cigarette users


Below we will dive into the world of cigarette and cigar cases. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or a stunning antique piece for yourself, here are some of our most prized smoking accessories.





Our Wide Selection of Elegant Cigarette Cases


French Sapphire, Gold and Enamel Cigarette Case
French Sapphire, Gold and Enamel Cigarette Case


This antique cigarette case would be the highlight of any collection. Crafted of sturdy 18K yellow gold with beautiful enamel striping, it would have held cigarettes for an undoubtedly stylish individual who appreciated the finest things in life. The understated but striking row of sapphires on the short edge of this elegant cigarette case and the thumb piece are a spectacular detail. With its oversized dimensions, this piece would make a beautiful alternative to a clutch or card case for an elegant night out with the essentials: credit cards, ID and cash if needed.


Russian Enamel Cigarette Case
Russian Enamel Cigarette Case

This beautiful antique cigarette holder is crafted of gilt silver and intricate, colorful cloisonné enamel detailing. Made for the Russian market, it has a petite shape that is more square than rectangular, which made it the perfect size for carrying photographs of loved ones to keep them close by, almost like an oversized locket. This Russian enamel silver cigarette case is wonderfully timeless, serving as a highly prized piece that exudes fine elegance and class.

Art Deco Gold and Enamel Cigarette Case

Art Deco Gold and Enamel Cigarette Case


This lovely Art Deco-period piece is a wonderful example of a classical Greek Key motif. Featuring sleek black enamel, it would be perfect for the Great Gatsby himself, or any collector with a classic sense of style or an affinity for art deco styles. Not only is it beautiful, but it is practical in size for daily use. Imagine pulling out your business card from this exceptional gold cigarette case – now that would be unforgettable!


Cigarette Dispensing Cane

Cigarette Dispensing Cane


At the time, this antique cane ensured gentlemen were never without a smoke. The shaft of this cane has a concealed hollow interior made for storing several cigarettes on top of each other to be dispensed through the top. Nowadays, it would be a wonderful tool for a writer or artist in need of a pen or different colored pencils with them at any moment. Curious about other types of canes? Learn more about the history behind using a cane as a weapon.


German Silver and Enamel Cigarette case
German Silver and Enamel Cigarette case


This antique German cigarette case is crafted in silver of a superior fineness to sterling silver, and it is decorated with a beautiful crimson, black and gilt avian motif. The square dimensions of this case would make it an excellent piece for carrying around small odds and ends, mints or small pieces of jewelry. It could also make an extremely elegant pill container for traveling. Browse our other antique silver pieces to add to your collection.


We offer a large selection of rare antiques for you to choose from. From elegant cigarette cases to antique music boxes, there is something for every style. Find a piece that speaks to your collection today.





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