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A Blast from the Past: 10 Retro Home Trends its Time to Revisit

Time to redecorate? Lets look to the past for some great inspiration! Join us today as we explore 10 trends from decades past that are sure to liven up your space and make it truly unique.

  • Eye-Catching Chandeliers: Light up your home with the glow of antique chandeliers. These glass and crystal light fixtures are statement pieces that are also useful. Whether it welcomes guests in the foyer, sets the scene in the living room or illuminates a dinner party, adding a chandelier to your home is a great way to bring the fashions of the past back into celebration.


This Russian Cut Glass Chandelier dates to 1840 and showcases delicate glass beads that are sure to be a showstopper in any room.



  • Salon-Inspired Walls: In with maximalism! Gone are the days of a single painting on a minimalist wall. Instead, find inspiration from the Salon walls to create your own, personalized gallery. The annual Parisian Salon was held by the Académie des Beaux-Arts and showcased the best of the best in academic art. From floor to ceiling, the walls were filled with art by the most talented painters.

You can easily create this look in your home by displaying a myriad of works of art in varying sizes. Using bold frames and eye-catching paintings is a sure way to create a room that commands attention and stands as a truly unique space.


Rowlandson, Thomas. Royal Academy Exhibition Room, Somerset House. Copyright Royal Academy of Arts



  • Marbles to Enhance Your Garden: A beautiful outdoor space is never finished without a marble or two. Greek Goddesses, cherubs or historic figures, these statues are the perfect way to add personality and luxury to your greenery.


The winged figure of Psyche is the subject of this marble by Alfred Boucher.



  • A Stellar Bar Set-Up: There’s nothing better than sharing a drink with those you love! Why not bring a super-star bar set-up into your home? Antique bar accessories are the key to a unique and memorable drink; think antique glass decanters, unique shakers and rare glasses. Just set up a bar cart with all your favorite liquors and mixers alongside antique bar accessories for a certifiable good time.


Imagine this stunning Art Nouveau glass and silver decanter on your bar cart!

  • Luxurious Antique Mirrors: Mirrors are a must for any home, so why not make them spectacular? Antique mirrors add new dimension to rooms that are otherwise dull. Neoclassical gilt accents on the frames are a classic look loved by many. Try adding one to your vanity or bathroom to as a unique and beautiful space for reflection.

You wouldn’t be able to look away from this Louis XV-style mirror!
  • Fine Art Glass: No room is complete without some decoration. Why not add fine art glass vases and objets d’art to your space? Works from talented glass masters like Emillé Galle and Lalique are sure to act as luxurious accents to your space. Bookshelves, coffee tables and console tables would be great places to display a collection of art glass. And with many different kinds of glass decorations, there is sure to be a piece that fits your unique style.


This vase by glass master Lalique features a beautiful etched design sure to add a spark of intrigue to a living room or study.

  • Antique Furniture in a Modern Home: Take your room to the next level by adding a piece of spectacular antique furniture to your more modern space. The exceptional quality and detail of antique furniture can live in harmony with a modern space. Mixing and matching Neoclassical furniture with modern pieces allows a one-of-a-kind feeling. Try using an antique parlor set next to the latest tables and art or an antique dining table with contemporary seating.


This beautiful Louis XVI secrétaire à abattant does not have to stay in a period room. Imagine it placed by modern couches and art!
  • Remarkable Cutlery for Dinner Parties: Silver is still in! Owning and using a stunning silver service is a luxurious way to add style to the dining room. Plus, silver matches any dinner service. Whether your plates are inherited, antique or modern buys, silver flatware is sure to enhance your table setting.

Using this Tiffany & Co. English King flatware service would amp up any table!


  • Statement Art Pieces: While having a grand piece of art on display is not a bygone trend, we recommend using art that has historic and exciting provenance. Visitors are sure to be impressed with art pieces that have an unbeatable story behind them.

A painting like this is sure to get everyone chatting! This portrait of Winston Churchill by Alfred Cooper would make a great statement piece over a mantle or table.
  • A Dining Room Table to Celebrate: Whether you are having a supper with the family or a large dinner party, there is always the need for an important dining room table. Antique circular tables are prime for entertaining while simultaneously having all guests in view. Consider adding an expanding table to adjust to the amount of guests present.

This English mahogany expanding round table would be perfect for those who love to entertain. It easily fits 8, and with the addition of leaves, 10.


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