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A Carnival Season Indulgence!

[caption id="attachment_1959" align="alignleft" width="544"] George III Silver Gilt-Covered Monteith[/caption]



If you were to ask someone from New Orleans, “What are the seasons,” they would definitely not give the answer, winter, spring, summer or fall.  You are much more likely to get the response of, “it’s Mardi Gras season, or football season, (or more specific, Saints season),  Jazz Fest season, creole tomato season, strawberry season, hunting season, fishing season, shrimp season, the season of Lent and I could go on and on. We all look forward to that next great season and a reason (or excuse) to celebrate.


Right now we are in Mardi Gras season and I am having a, “Twelfth Night Party”. What is a Twelfth Night Party? It’s just a great reason to have a party! The twelfth night was actually on January 6th or 12 nights after Christmas and it’s our official date to kick off the Mardi Gras season.  Today is January 14th, so I am a little late but who’s counting?


Style is such an intricate part of any celebration. If there were one thing in this entire gallery that I would love to have at my party it would be the George III Silver gilt Monteith. It screams style! For those of you who don’t know, a Monteith is an elaborately decorated vessel with notched rims allowing a wine glass to suspend inside the bowl which is filled with either ice or ice water.  Hence the chilled glass! The name monteith was derived from a very dapper dressing Scottsman, Monteith,  who wore a cloak of notched edges.


I can just imagine serving wine in chilled glasses from this magnificent silver gilt monteith elaborately decorated in repousse’ of huntsman, stag and hounds, flower garlands, winged figures and bearded satyr masks…stylish and great fun!


Whatever season you’re celebrating, do it with style. Make this Monteith your new centerpiece.




11” diameter x 15 1/2” high


Asking Price: $68,500


Wouldn’t this exquisite piece be perfect for your next festive occasion?


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