Après l'Orage (After the Storm) by Jean Pierre Cassigneul

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A charming pair of stylish ladies stroll along the shores of the French seaside in this brilliantly hued composition by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul. Entitled Après l’Orage (After the Storm), the enchanting piece is a study in serenity and sophistication, embodying the appealing elegance of Cassigneul’s work. The vibrant scene exemplifies his striking portraits of young society women that are both dramatically contemporary and classically elegant.

Cassigneul’s masterful technique reveals the strong influence of Les Nabis, the early 20th century French Post-Impressionist painters, particularly in its avant-garde color palette and flat spatial compositions. The cool blue hues that dominate the composition are perfectly accented with pops of color, layered in such a skillful manner as to convey a sense of harmony. Expressionist painter Kees van Dongen was another important influence on the young Cassigneul, whose portraits resemble van Dongen’s elongated, sharply contoured female forms. In the present piece, Cassigneul’s chic models saunter gracefully with turquoise waters behind them, while the charming pooch at their front lends further charm to the scene.

Born in Paris in 1935, Cassigneul studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, holding his first one-man exhibition at the young age of 17. Since that first show, his work has been widely exhibited throughout the world, particularly in Western Europe, the United States, and Japan, where he enjoys an especially devoted following. Featuring vibrant scenes of sophisticated women at leisure, his captivating oeuvre is beloved by collectors worldwide for its vivid color palette and sophisticated subjects.

The painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.



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