Expert Insights: Grand Tour Mementos

Tomb of Scipios Grand Tour Souvenir

This incredible Grand Tour inkwell relic takes the form of the ancient Tomb of the Scipios, a family of Roman war heroes and generals. Beautifully carved entirely of Siena marble, the inkwell's design is masterful and precise to the original monument, even down to the inscription. Simply remove the lid to reveal a pair of ink wells and a pen holder.


Grand Tour Souvenir Temple of Castor and Pollux

This model of the ruins of the Temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome evokes the lasting grandeur of ancient Rome. Today just three massive columns remain from the ancient edifice, which is perfectly replicated here down to the smallest detail. Intricately crafted of giallo antico marble, this piece was likely a souvenir from a Grand Tour enjoyed by a 19th century tourist. The ruins of the temples of the Forum Romanum were considered the grandest examples of Roman architecture, and diminutive models such as this one were among the most sought after souvenirs. 


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Tomb of Scipio
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