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The Extravagance of the Fabergé Bell Push

The House of Fabergé rests as one of the most important and influential workshops. The company is steeped in a rich history. Founded in St. Petersburg, 1842, Gustav Fabergé founded an atelier that would soon gain worldwide recognition, extending to multiple countries, as one of the most remarkable designers of exquisite jewels and ornamental objects.


Fabergé Bell Push Item Number 30-1574

Fabergé Bell Push
Item Number 30-1574


Although known for their lavish and ingenious jewel encrusted Fabergé eggs, originally designed for the Tsar of Russia, The House of Faberge also designed unique, intricate, and marvelous objets d’art. These lovely and lavish objects, such as ornate jewelry and timepieces, often matched the extravagant and bountiful lifestyles of the elite and aristocratic.


At the end of the 19th century, the world encountered the glamorous and praised invention of electricity. It is with this creation that the elite societal classes were able to further demonstrate their wealth and influence. The Faberge workshops, nonetheless, were able to keep up with these progressing times.


Soon, the Faberge workshops designed small “bell pushes” for stately homes. These bells would be wired through electricity and used by members of the elite to alert their servants and household helpers within the home. Not surprisingly, these bell pushes followed the beautiful traditions of typical Faberge designs. Though tremendously functional, they are undeniably magnificent.




Fabergé Rhondonite Bell Push Item Number 29-5305

Fabergé Rhodonite Bell Push
Item Number 29-5305



This delicate hand-held Faberge bell push (left) features beautiful nephrite jade and gilded silver that works into an intricate foliate design. This piece bears the mark of esteemed and recognized work master Mikhail Perkhin, of the Faberge Company. The bell is a perfect example of the everlasting quality and timeless traditions of the Faberge workshops.


Similarly, this Faberge bell push (right) evokes excellence and immutably magnificent characteristics. Crafted of brilliant rhodonite and chased silver with gold gilding, this piece also announces affluence and technological progressiveness. This bell push displays the revered mark of Carl Faberge, son of founder Gustav, and states the silver composition by a mark of “88.” The black veined rose hues are emphasized by a stunning piece of sapphire that tops the central push button.


While the materials of these pieces are exquisite in themselves, it is indisputable how important and stunning they are when crafted into spectacular objects by skilled hands of the Faberge workshops.



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