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A Golden Opportunity: Over-40-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

In the world of colored diamonds, those that possess a distinctly yellow hue are among the most popular and beloved by both diamond connoisseurs and laypersons alike. In terms of fire and brilliance, fancy yellow diamonds are unsurpassed. To find a stone that is truly one of the greatest of these treasures is to find a stone that demands attention. The over-40-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond recently acquired by M.S. Rau is one such gem.





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I am blessed to be in a business where I encounter beautiful, one-of-a-kind gemstones every day. While every stone is unique in its own way, few stones are as undisputedly rare and exceptional as this one.


In the jewelry world, a diamond’s relative “worth” is ultimately determined by the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat and cut. Usually a fancy colored diamond will rank high in one or two of these categories. This stone achieves “best of the best” status in all four.








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In the realm of gem-quality stones, all colored diamonds are considered rarities. It is estimated that just one in ten thousand stones found possess a deep enough color to earn the grading “fancy.” I mention this to put my next sentence in context. Yellow diamonds are the most abundant of the fancy colored diamonds, but they still account for only a very small percentage of their non-colored counterparts. The represent just 2.4% of all diamonds submitted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for grading.


Furthermore, all fancy colored diamonds are graded on a color scale that is based on their level of saturation, from fancy light to fancy vivid. The fancy vivid grading denotes the highest degree of saturation, and it is these stones that are the most desirable and rare. Our stone achieves this highly coveted color grade.


On its own, this stone’s exceptional color grade would set it apart from its colorless relatives. In the exclusive realm of rare fancy colored stones, highly saturated color is more important than any other attribute. But this stone is beyond exceptional.


30-6612 yellowdia angleClarity

Just as with color, diamonds are graded on a sliding scale when it comes to their internal clarity. Particularly in a relatively translucent stone such as a yellow diamond, a high level of clarity is a sought-after attribute, as inclusions can distort the natural color and brilliance of the stone.


Our stone has been graded as Internally Flawless, a rare achievement for any diamond, particularly a vivid yellow stone. This coveted clarity rating makes it one of the world’s most perfect diamonds, and one of the largest of its kind known to date.




Weighing in at over 40 carats, this stone is among the largest I’ve ever encountered in my career. Regardless of its extraordinary color and clarity, the size alone sets it apart as a gem of importance.


In the fancy vivid yellow range, very few diamonds over 10 carats are ever seen on the market. They represent an extremely rare geological phenomenon, and the largest of these stones have reached the heights of legends over the centuries. This historic stone undoubtedly possesses the size and qualities to join their ranks.




Part of the beauty of a stone like this is not only the brilliance of its color, but also the remarkable craftsmanship that brought that brilliance to life. Gemstones are a fascinating marriage of natural phenomena and the artistry of man. That artistry is seen in the expert cut of this stone.


A cutter’s painstaking task is to bring out the very best qualities of a stone, while also retaining as much of the original carat weight as possible. The modified rectangular brilliant cut of this gem does just that. With its precise combination of triangular and diamond-shaped facets, this complicated cut creates a remarkable degree of sparkle that enhances the stone’s natural yellow hue.



A Golden Opportunity

Diamonds will always hold a special allure, and that allure is only enhanced by the addition of any rare characteristic or quality. This stone, with its striking combination of fancy vivid yellow color, monumental carat weight, and Internally Flawless clarity, makes an unforgettable impression.


Ultimately, there is only so much I can write about this stone. One needs to see it to truly comprehend its impact. Visit M.S. Rau Antiques in the French Quarter to view this fancy vivid yellow diamond in person, or view this and other fancy colored stones online by clicking here.



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