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Show to Offer Washington's Hair (but not Teeth)

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George Washington's Hair and Funerary Case Shavings

FLORIDA WEEKLY, February 4, 2016--

George Washington may have lost all his teeth, but you can own his hair.

Strands of our first president's hair, along with shavings from his funerary case will be offered for sale at the 13th Annual Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, set for Feb. 10-16.

The price: $22,850, but at least it comes in its own frame.

If that's not enough, a mourning pendant commissioned and owned by Washington's widow, Martha, is available for $34,500 from the same dealer, MS Rau Antiques.

JFK FilesAnother piece of history is a little more current: Jim Garrison's court case files from the John F. Kennedy assassination. The price of this lot, which includes two copies of the Zapruder film of the shooting: $168,500.

Items at the show will span every genre, covering many periods and movements. Visitors can view Old Master, German Expressionist, 18th- and 19th-century European, American Regionalist, modern and contemporary art. They also can see fine collections of silver, glass, textiles, sculpture, porcelain, Asian art, furniture, antique and estate jewelry.

This year, the show expands from five days to seven at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Presented by the Palm Beach Show Group, this week's worth of antiques will include more than 170 international exhibitors, a lecture series and a Designer Showcase.

Festivities begin Feb. 10 with a VIP opening night preview party.

This year's show includes a Designer Showcase, curated by interior designer Campion Platt. The Designer Showcase will feature the designs of Mr. Platt and five other leading interior designers, each creating room vignettes utilizing the art, antiques and accessories from the exhibitors in the show.

The lecture series will include presentations on an array of topics, such as the art of appraising, the new cultural revolution in China, wallpaper decors in historic and contemporary settings, all moderated by respected dealers and industry experts.

And that's not the only game in town over the next week.

The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival will hold its biggest show of the year Feb. 5-7 at the South Florida Fairgrounds, with more than 1,000 dealers from across the country.

You'll want to get out your walking shoes for this show "” in addition to the two main exposition buildings, there will be dealers throughout the fairgrounds' other exhibit halls, as well as in the field to the south and east of buildings.

Expect a range of traditional antiques and collectibles, from low-end to the upper echelons, and lots of jewelry, as well as decorative items and couture clothing.


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