Bones and Caskets: Halloween at M.S. Rau

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Crinkling leaves, pumpkins, witches, and warlocks…. The spookiness of Halloween is upon us all, and M.S. Rau has many mystical and mysterious items to add to the October spirit. Of all our irreplaceable and exquisite pieces in our gallery, many speak to the fantastical and magical.

George Washington's Hair and Funerary Case Shavings

George Washington's Hair and Funerary Case Shavings

Of one example is George Washington’s Hair and Funerary Case Shavings. It speaks to its own uniqueness. Beautifully framed, these extremely rare strands of George Washington’s hair and fragments from his red cedar casket are shown alongside a reproduction of the famed portrait by Gilbers Stuart, originally created in 1799. This type of artifact is extremely rare and are strongly coveted by museums and private collectors

Codognato Skull Ring

Codognato Skull Ring

The Codognato Skull Ring, created by the famed jeweler Codognato, depicts an enameled skull with rock crystals on 18K yellow gold. This shockingly accurate large skull object would have served as a memento mori for the wearer, a reminder of their own mortality. Skulls and other symbols of death were common motifs in Codognato’s workshop. Working primarily in Baroque and Gothic styles, his pieces were highly sought after for the uniqueness and artistry.

Rare Ice Age Cave Bear Skeleton

Rare Ice Age Cave Bear Skeleton

Most exceptional is the rare ice age cave bear skeleton. Over eight feet tall, this skeleton comes from the Ural Mountains of Russia. This cave bear was once one of the most fearsome animals of the Pleistocene Age and was the chief animal hunted by prehistoric man. However, it is thought that these bears also served as an object of worship, as discoveries found caves filled with carefully organized and preserved skeletons of these animals. It is amazing that we are able to have a full skeleton, as they are rare and difficult to find.

Stop by M.S. Rau and see some more of our spooktacular items, Happy Halloween!



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