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Keep this under the table...

table7 The coolest antique table ever is our “Monumental Specimen Table”. It speaks to my Italian side.  I love it, from the hand carved oak winged lions on the base, to the two inch thick inlayed marble top with its plethora of Italian marble varieties.  It is a tribute to the maker’s ingenuity, creativity, and master artistry.

The previous owner used it for a conference table for his business, but in my mind’s eye, I can see it as a center table in a large entrance or library or even a great dining table, but most of all, I see it in my house.  If there is anyone out there that is willing to buy this for me, I will graciously accept.

One other thing I would like to mention, but we have to keep in on the QT, if anyone ever asks me if I really did what I am about to tell you, I will deny it.

I am a gardening addict.  One Sunday, I decided to move some plants around; big  plants.  Anyway, I pulled something in my lower back, but also being the slave to duty that I am, I came into the gallery.  Every step was painful, sitting was painful, standing was painful.  As I said earlier, the table is very cool.  I started thinking about the cool marble of my specimen table.  I sneaked into the back gallery where the table now stands, climbed on top, laid down on my back and pressed my lower back into the cool, cool marble. I stayed in that position for 10 minutes or so, praying the entire time that no one would walk in and see me lying on the table.  When I got up, my back felt 100% better!  I bent down and kissed the table then patted it lovingly.

Not only does the Monumental Marble Specimen table speak to my Italian side, it also speaks to my backside.


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