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Antique Belgian Percussion Pocket Pistols: A Timeless Piece of Art and History

Antique weaponry is always a fascinating addition to any collection, as it showcases not only the impressive craftsmanship but also the way disputes were resolved in the past. Our gallery is excited to present a stunning set of Belgian percussion pocket pistols, a true representation of the era of gentlemanly disputes.


The Beauty of Belgian Percussion Pocket Pistols

The handsome grips and precise engraving distinguish this pair of Belgian percussion pocket pistols from the city of Liège. Each pistol is crafted of beautifully engraved Damascus steel, including the pommel cap, and features a side hammer design with a pop-out trigger. When the hammer is pulled back, the trigger “pops” from the secreted underside of the pistol and retracts back into the gun upon firing, making it easy to carry and draw at a moment's notice. The pistols are positioned in their original, velvet-lined quarter-sawn oak fitted case, which houses a powder flask, bullet mold and caps.

A Remarkable Collection Piece

This set of pocket pistols is a remarkable collection piece that can serve as the cornerstone or a spectacular addition to an already prominent firearms collection. The elegant design and functionality make it a timeless piece of art and history.


  • Pistol length: 5 1/8 inches
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel length: 2 inches

If you're looking to add a unique piece of antique weaponry to your collection, consider the Belgian percussion pocket pistols. These stunning weapons are a perfect blend of beauty, innovation, and lethality. To see our current selection of antique weaponry, visit our website today.



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