Travel Back In Time With Louis Vuitton Luggage


Louis Vuitton Luggage Suite

Louis Vuitton Luggage Suite


The name Louis Vuitton denotes a distinct sophistication befitting what is considered the world’s first luxury brand. Louis Vuitton luggage and leather goods set the standard by which all others are measured, with a brilliant historical narrative adding to the value. M.S. Rau currently has two fantastic selections of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, including a fascinating travel trunk. The unmistakable design, along with the intriguing biography, makes these travel trunks some of the most delightfully collectible pieces.


The history of European travel is closely linked with the travel trunk, as the lowly case for storing one’s goods during a journey became a style statement. As with many trends, the movement towards decorative luggage started with members of royalty. Trunks of the royals were elaborate and plentiful, with bespoke pieces designed to hold attire for any imaginable outing one might encounter, from fox-hunting to public appearances.


Finally, glamour had entered the once rough and tumble sphere of cross-country train travel. Journeys on lines like the famed Orient Express from Paris to Constantinople required equally sophisticated luggage, as much to impress fellow passengers as to hold one’s garments. The first to have flat tops, which meant they could be stacked easily in cargo, Louis’ son Georges also created the first designer logo, with the Monogram Canvas in 1896.Specially designed pieces– like rounded trunks meant to hold hats -- began making appearances and led the way for specialized and innovative trunks.




Louis Vuitton Travel Trunk

Louis Vuitton Travel Trunk


Trunks for the turn of the 20th century took on new meaning with their designs. A photographer’s trunk would include a space for a camera, lenses and gels. The genius bed trunk would unfold into a bed (complete with legs) and included a pillow. Even the “aero trunk,” designed for a trip via “air ship,” was designed to be extra light for the new and thrilling form of travel. The need for the very basic (and best!) Louis Vuitton luggage remains in demand for the traveling elite, like our luggage suite and travel trunk. These 20th century examples offer the quality expected from the brand, with the fascinating patina from a vintage piece. To own a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage has always meant to be one of the luckiest of travelers.


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