Luckily, some things never change...

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Even though this was long before I began working at Rau, it’s always a pleasure hearing stories like these, and knowing that forty five years can go by and the customers have stayed with us. It’s a true testament to the store and the high quality items that Rau is known for. I received this email from a longtime customer yesterday and wanted to share it. Thanks for your letter Jeffrey and all the years of your loyalty!

“Rau is and has been one of my favorite haunts and places of purchase. My first purchase was in 1964 when I was in New Orleans with my parents for a vacation. We went to the race track and I won the daily double. My Father was horrified and mentioned to my Mother that he thought they had made a dreadful mistake taking me to the races. But, I showed them; with my winnings I took them out on the town for a wonderful evening, then with the rest of the money went to Rau and purchased a beautiful carnelian seal ring, which I still wear to this day. Last time I was in New Orleans, in May of ’08, I once again, returned to Rau. It was just as wonderful as I have remembered it. It is so comforting to realize there are still retailers in this world that are willing to keep up their great reputation and fine offering and service. Hope time and opportunity will allow me to return to New Orleans soon and will look forward to meeting and seeing you in person.”

Many thanks,

Jeffrey P. Angwin-

Bothell, Washington



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