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A Monumental Classic in a Small Case - Granddaughter Clocks


The mahogany body is slender and understated.


Rosewood Grandfather Clock

The antique grandfather clock has long been considered a grand and important element of any beautiful interior. This longcase clock stands on the floor and exude monumental prowess over any room. Typically, a wooden encasing of any variation of decoration encloses the clock and movements of the pendulum.


Granddaughter Clock History


Appearing in 1656, scientific innovations allowed for findings of the time-keeping properties of the pendulum. However, the term “grandfather clock” did not appear until much later, 1875. The Grandfather clocks gained their name primarily from the George Hotel in England owned by two brothers. The George Hotel lobby was home to a longcase clock that kept good, accurate time. When one of the brothers passed, the floor clock had lost its accuracy of time after a while. Upon the passing of the second brother, the clock movement had ceased. Although it had no clock movement, it remained in the lobby and became known as the grandfather clock.


While grandfather clocks, the largest and tallest type of antique longcase clocks, are frequently used and most often referenced, there are other types of longcase clocks. Few know of these other stunning and prominent types, in particular, the Granddaughter clock.



The inscription “Tempus Fugit” adorns the metal face, and a motif of flowers and foliage completes the etched design.


The inscription “Tempus Fugit” adorns the metal face, and a motif of flowers and foliage completes the etched design.



The Granddaughter Clock


The granddaughter clock is known by its petite stature and delicate decoration. Charming in appearance, the granddaughter type clock is usually between three and five feet and the antique clock itself is housed in a wooden tall case. This vastly differs from the colossal size of the grandfather clock, which can reach nearly eight feet and can have a weight of up to 200 pounds. Not developed until the 1930’s, the granddaughter type clock perfectly embodies a delicate, elegant style and would be the impeccable addition to any parlor.


In the MS Rau antique gallery, the Mahogany Granddaughter Clock features a slender wood case that incorporates classical styling and detailing. The frieze features a fabulous scrolling design, the long case is decorated by carved classical columns, and beautiful fluting bring all the elements together. The beautiful mahogany creates a splendid aesthetic that speaks to value and beauty. The metal clock face features the inscription “Tempus Fugit” that is adorned by delicate floral and foliage motifs. Crafted in the last decade of the nineteenth century, this timepiece speaks to the splendor of English craftsmanship and artistry. It is an endearing 43 inches and a pure example of a magnificent granddaughter clock that's in excellent condition.


This magnificent timepiece is one of the many examples of beautiful granddaughter clocks that flourished in the late 19th century. Small, yet striking, these elegant pieces would complete any setting. Mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, granddaughter clocks, and other similar antiques are unique and sometimes considered meaningful family treasures passed on for generations.


Whether you are looking for a mantel clock or a memorable gift for a loved one, our stunning antique clocks are the perfect pieces for any collector. Find the perfect wall clock, floor clock, or mantle clock through our quality selection of timepieces. Browse our longcase clocks to add a touch of style and sophistication into your antique collection today.


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