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Now THAT'S a piano...

When people talk about piano history, they usually say that the piano originated around the year 1700 in Florence, Italy.


Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, a central region of Italy, and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.


Since its inception, the instrument we know today as the piano has had many innovators over the past 300 years who have shaped its functionality, appearance and sound.


There have been many high points during this time in the development of the piano and many innovations. In my opinion, this Weber & Co. piano represents a tremendous high point in the evolution of the piano. It represents two elements brought together to present a command performance in your home. It was the first time that a great piano and a great performer were able to play in your home.


Besides the impeccable sound, this model is one of beauty in that you can watch and listen to it, while a song begins to play but the piano bench is empty. It's a bit ghostly and mysterious but also tranquil and melodic. It's truly a spectacle both in sight and sound.


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