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Pair of Rococo Vitrines By François Linke

Superior craftsmanship and elegant adornment characterize this exceptional, matching pair of mahogany vitrines by François Linke, the most influential and distinguished French ébéniste of his time. Credited for designing highly innovative furnishings by infusing Rococo style and the latest trends of Paris, these Louis XVI-style Linke vitrines exemplify the wonderful talent of this truly original artisan. Beautifully embellished with doré bronze mounts of the absolute highest order, these vitrines are fitted with glass doors, shelving and mirrors, making them exceptional display pieces.







The nature of Linke’s business was divided into two broadly based groups, both of which moved his career into the wealthiest of social circles. The established decorating partnership of Carlhian & Beaumetz, quickly became one of Linke’s biggest clients, and their name appears in Linke’s records frequently between 1888-1910. Carlhian & Beaumetz commissioned from Linke numerous pieces for highly prominent and significant buyers such as the Hamptons of Pall Mall, the Duveens, Arabella Huntington and the Hindleys. In fact, in 1905, Hindley, an important English furniture maker and retailer, distributed a catalogue for his Bond Street store, which almost solely featured Linke furniture. Linke’s private patronage of influential socialites also grew rapidly. Records show commissions for Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Katzensteins, Elias Meyer, the King of Egypt, Faud I and the Devotos, wealthy aristocrats of Italy and Argentina. Today, the regard for Linke’s creations is unwavering and it is even more rewarding to obtain a piece of furniture by this incredible ébéniste, one of the most important furniture makers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Circa 1880




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