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Regency Style: A Grand Return

Styles and tastes have a funny way of making their way back around to popularity. With the roaring success of television shows like Bridgerton, 21st-century tastes have reverted to trends from the Regency period of the 19th century. A flourishing of the decorative arts defined the opening years of the 19th century, and the Regency style was born. This design period, taking its name from the regent King George IV and lasting from about 1811-1830, took a step away from the austere styles of Georgian fashion and towards more extravagant and impetuous forms of furniture, jewelry and objet d’art. Read on to browse our inventory exemplary of these themes.


Regency Style Furniture


The enduring appeal of the Regency style is evidenced by the incredible pieces of furniture produced during that period. These pieces are characterized by dark, heavy wood, brass inlays, applied decoration, paw-shaped feet and carved rosettes and laurel wreaths. Some of our favorite pieces in our inventory are from the Regency period.


Regency Brass-Mounted Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase



This monumental Regency breakfront bookcase is a beautiful indication of furniture styles of the era. Measuring over 11-feet wide, this piece combines functionality and luxury. It is crafted of sumptuous Cuban flame mahogany, providing the facade with an attractive grain that has aged to a rich patina. The brass mullioned doors retain their original glass panes, making this piece timeless. It would be an incredible addition to any home wishing to capture the luxury of the Regency era, as it has stayed beautiful and stylish throughout the ages.


Regency Mahogany Hunt Table



This Regency-period hunt table is too fun not to share! Also known as a social table, the horseshoe shape was specifically designed for serving beverages during a party or fox hunt. Crafted of mahogany, an immensely popular wood during the era, this piece is multi-functional. The brass bottle slide at the center of the piece can hold two decanters and be easily maneuvered around the table's interior for serving. The brass rail could be hung with a curtain to serve as a fire screen or simply protect the wall and server from spills and splashes. The table also includes a center leaf that can be installed to create a demi-lune surface for a serving table for added versatility.


Regency Style Jewelry


Jewelry during this era is categorized by necklace and earring sets, colored gemstones, pearls and floral designs. Donning one of these pieces, one might mistake you for a character straight out of a Jane Austen novel.


This pink sapphire necklace and earrings suite is the epitome of Regency-style jewelry. Designed by fame jeweler and goldsmith Henry Dunay, the skillful execution and detailing of the suite are unmatched. Featuring an incredible 58.82 carats of pear-shaped pink sapphires, this set is dazzling in every way. Both the necklace and earrings are masterly crafted from 18K yellow gold, and diamonds totaling 22.11 carats lend brilliance to this one-of-a-kind design.


Pink Sapphire Jewelry Suite by Henry Dunay, 58.82 Carats



Glamorously elegant, this bib necklace is another fabulous example of Regency-style jewelry. Pearls were incredibly popular during this era and are making a modern-day comeback. An incredibly rare and monumentally sized 6.07-carat untreated Burma sapphire centers the piece amidst crisscross links of 14K yellow gold enhanced with lustrous white pearls.


Antique Untreated Burma Sapphire Bib Necklace, 6.07 Carats



Objets D’Art


Nothing says luxury like a beautifully curated collection of objet d’art in the home. For decorative objects of the Regency period, silver was of the utmost importance for a stylish and luxurious home.


In silver and in other decorative arts, the popular styles were largely determined by the personal tastes and patronage of the eldest son of George III, the Prince Regent, George IV. He, and his aristocratic contemporaries, set the popular decorative fashions that dominated the Regency period. This meant moving away from simplified neoclassical designs and moving towards the ornate, sumptuous designs of the Rococo.


Could you imagine serving guests a meal atop this dazzling silver meat dish? Crafted by master silversmith Paul Storr, this Regency dish a work of art as well as a functioning dinner party necessity. Scrolling acanthus and shell accent border the scalloped rim in magnificent detail. This piece exemplifies both the English Regency style in silver and Paul Storr’s unparalleled skill as an artist and craftsman.


Paul Storr Regency Silver Meat Dish



One prevailing theme in objet d’art of the Regency period is ancient Egypt. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Europe was experiencing Egyptomania. Interest in Egyptian-inspired motifs surged following Napoléon’s successful campaign of the region. In addition to his military aims, Napoléon used the campaign to mount the first comprehensive scientific expedition to study ancient and modern Egypt. For this purpose, he brought to Egypt a team of artists, historians and scientists to systematically study the region and its inhabitants. The final result of their exhaustive research was the Description de l'Égypte. Published between 1809 and 1826, the volumes stimulated the first large-scale wave of the Egyptian Revival style that permeated Europe in the 19th century.

Regency Crystal and Ormolu Epergne



The grandeur of Regency design is on full display in this cast ormolu epergne. The fascination with Egyptian design during the Regency era is showcased by three imposing sphinxes supporting each corner. The antique ruby glass dishes are held aloft by scrolling, foliate arms. This creation illustrates the Regency era's taste for elaborate, bold forms incorporating elements from the ancient world.


From furniture to jewelry to household objets d’art, this selection from our inventory perfectly encompasses the opulent grandeur of the Regency period. What’s old is new once more, and these styles are here to stay. Please click here to browse our entire collection of Regency furnishings and object d’art.


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